General BioEdit

File Name: Unknown

Aliases: Too many to list

Specialties: Master of disguise; Espionage; Assassination; Dreadnok leader

Birthplace: Unknown

Affiliation: Cobra

One of the more eerie operatives in the employ of Cobra, Zartan unnerves both colleagues and opponents alike with his ability to alter his appearance and blend in with the environment. As a master of disguise, he has employed both practical and technological means of deceit, utilizing makeup and holographs. In addition to disguise, he is an expert in ventriloquism, a versatile linguist and escape artist. Zartan is a difficult man to capture and hold as he has shown to be proficient in several martial arts, some of which are believed to be derived from ninja. Cunning and intelligent, Zartan is the complete opposite of the band of biker miscreants he leads, the Dreadnoks who tend to rely on brute force.

Combat Heroes Edit

Zartan has currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line one time and was rumored to appear another time:

  • In his classic blue costume in the Snake Eyes and Young Timber vs. Zartan 2-Pack
  • He was rumored to appear in the Hawk and Zartan 2-Pack, but it was only rumored and assumed to be cancelled after the previous wave of Combat Heroes was cancelled. The clear Zartan has been seen on an Asian website, but it is unknown if that was the Zartan intended to be in this pack, or just a prototype of the wave 1 Zartan.



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