General BioEdit

File Name: William S. Hardy

Specialties: Helicopter pilot; Fixed-wing pilot; Aircraft armor; Air Cavalry

Birthplace: Brady, Texas

Grade/Rank: Chief Warrant Officer (W-4)

Affiliation: GI Joe

Wild Bill's teammates often wonder if he wasn't born in the wrong era. With his slow talk, slow walk, easygoing attitude and amiable personality, he's the stereotypical cowboy. He can sing country western and tell tall tales. He's even mastered the art of gunslinging!

Wild Bill is best known for his skills in flying helicopters and transport planes. However, he can function on the ground just as well as he could in the air. Before he was a helicopter pilot, he trained as a combat infantryman and specialized in long range recon. He's actually an adept tracker on his own, skills he learned when he was a boy.

Combat HeroesEdit

Wild Bill has currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line one time and was expected to appear another time:

Images Edit


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