General BioEdit

Alias: Various; Paul Cartier

Designation: Magic

Powers: Superhuman Strength (75 tons), senses, speed, stamina, and durability; Regenerative Healing Factor; Immortality; Claws & Fangs

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #162

The Wendigo is the result of an ancient curse laid down by Elder Gods of Canadian folklore that transforms any person who eats the flesh of another human being in the Canadian wilderness into a massive, fur-covered humanoid beast.

In the first modern documented case of the Wendigo, three Canadians, Paul Cartier, Georges Baptiste and Henri Cluzot, were hunting in the Canadian North Woods when wolves attacked them. Cluzot was mortally wounded, and his friends took him inside a cave for shelter. As the man began to starve, Cluzot died. Cartier, on the verge of insanity, resorted to eating the dead man's flesh. In doing so, he fell victim to the curse that transformed him into the Wendigo.

Superhero Squad Edit

The Wendigo currently has not yet appeared in the Superhero Squad line, but he was rumored to appear once:

  • Wendigo was supposed to appear in the Wendigo and Wolverine Mega Pack but it was only rumored and assumed to be cancelled after the previous wave of mega packs was cancelled. It is unknown what Wendigo would have been in that pack, but it was assumed that he would have been a mega sized figure.

Images Edit

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