General BioEdit

Alias: Victor Shade

Designation: Android

Powers: Superhuman Strength (5 tons, 75 tons at maximum density), stamina, durability, reflexes & Intelligence; Solar Absorption & energy Beams; Density Control; Holographic & energy manipulation; Audio Sensitivity; Vocal Imitation; Intangible Flight; Physical Disruption; Computer Interface

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Avengers #57

The metal monstrosity called Ultron created the synthetic humanoid known as the Vision from the remains of the original, android Human Torch of the 1940s to serve as a vehicle of vengeance against The Avengers. The living machine programmed the Vision's neural processors with the brain patterns of the ionically charged costumed champion called Wonder Man and implanted a control crystal to keep him in check.

But moved by the Avengers' plight, the Vision betrayed his programming and helped the mighty mortals defeat his calculating creator. The Vision served the Avengers faithfully for a number of years, standing with his teammates against the foes no single hero could defeat. Tentatively at first, the almost-human android embarked on a romantic relationship with the hex-casting heroine called the Scarlet Witch that blossomed into true love and eventually marriage. The newlyweds left Avengers Mansion to live a quiet life in New Jersey.

Superhero Squad Edit

Vision currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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