Star saber

General Bio Edit

Universe: Generation One

Transforms into: Cybertronian Jet Fighter

Faction: Autobots

Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka

Appearances: Transformers: Victory

Star Saber is apparently nigh-legendary and is considered the greatest swordsman in the universe. As Supreme Commander, Star Saber has come to Earth in order to track down Deathsaurus, who has become the number one threat to space. Meanwhile, God Ginrai and his forces, battle against Overlord and his troops. Deathsaurus is pleased by the fact that Star Saber himself has had to come to face him, as it is acknowledgment that he is now the most dangerous Decepticon alive. He is also eager to settle scores with Star Saber, and it is clear that there is bad blood between the two. In their earlier battles, Star Saber is able to fight off Deathsaurus with relative ease, even though Deathsaurus himself rarely dirties his hands. Star Saber and his Autobot forces are successful for much of 2025, but eventually, the Decepticons start inflicting hard blows. One of the first is struck by the Breastforce, who reveal their combined form of Liokaiser and damage Star Saber before being driven off by God Ginrai and the threat of further Autobot reinforcements. Their attack leaves Star Saber barely able to stand after the fight. Shortly thereafter, Deathsaurus, roused to fighting fury by the memory of his fortress's defeat, battles and nearly kills Star Saber. Star Saber is only saved by the fact that Deathsaurus has already expended much of his energy trying to reactivate his fortress, forcing the Decepticon to retreat. An ambush led by Deathsaurus not long after severely wounds Star Saber and mortally cripples God Ginrai. Despite God Ginrai's rebirth into Victory Leo, it is a severe blow to Autobot morale, and the unstable Victory Leo has to prove himself to the others. The final blow results in the successful capture of enough energy to reactivate the Decepticon space fortress. After Deathsaurus abandons the blindly loyal Dinoforce, the bitter Dinoforce commander informs the Autobots about the fortress's weak point. Star Saber leads an assault on the mighty vessel and defeats his arch-enemy Deathsaurus in a final duel. The fortress is destroyed by the Autobots after a hard-fought battle, and Deathsaurus curses Star Saber before vanishing into the very Dark Nebula from which he'd fought so hard to free his fortress. While initially appearing to have been consumed by the fortress's destruction, Star Saber and Victory Leo emerge from its ashes, victorious as their name.

Robot Heroes Edit

Victory Saber has not currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line, but he was supposed to appear once:

  • He was supposed to appear in his red, white, yellow and blue look from the Transformers: Victory cartoon in the Victory Saber and Dessaras 2-Pack, but it never made it to stores

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