General BioEdit

File Name: Tom Winken

Specialties: Acetylene cutting torch

Birthplace: Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Affiliation: Dreadnoks (Cobra offshoot)

If Buzzer is the smart aleck of the Dreadnoks, then Torch is the witless stooge of the team. Not quite smart (he's illiterate!) and never really aspiring to be anything higher, Torch only does what he is told. To that effect, he is valuable not for his brains but for his penchance for sudden and unexpected violence. Perhaps, his only bright spot is his skill with the acetylene torch which he has modified into an actual functioning flamethrower weapon.

Combat Heroes Edit

Torch has not currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line, but he was rumored to appear once:

  • He was thought to appear in the Snow Job and Tor 2-Pack, but it was only rumored and assumed to be cancelled after the previous wave of Combat Heroes was cancelled. "Tor" was believed to be Torch

Images Edit

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