General Bio Edit

File Name: Tomax

Specialties: Crimson Guard commander; Infiltration; Espionage; Sabotage, Propaganda; Corporate law

Birthplace: Island in the Mediterranean

Affiliation: Cobra

Tomax is one half of the Crimson Twins, the identical twin brother commanders of Cobra's Crimson Guard force. As head of the Siegies, they wage their war not in the battlefields but in courtrooms and executive board rooms. They bring a finesse to Cobra's power, their knowledge of law and finance is astounding as they wound enemies by their very own laws and ordinances.

Greedy and manipulative from the very start, he and his brother Xamot left the Foreign Legion to become mercenaries. They were too smart to be soldiers forever and learned banking from the very best in Zurich. He could crush companies with his knowledge of commerce, a three-piece suit and a laptop. Their financial exploits caught the attention of Cobra Commander. He didn't think twice about the opportunity and took to the Commander's offer to work for him.

Combat Heroes Edit

Tomax has not currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line, but he was expected to appear once

  • He was thought to appear in his classic red and blue costume in the Cobra Pack 5-Pack, but it was cancelled

Images Edit


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