General Bio Edit

Nationality: German

Professions: Nazi agent, Sturmbannführer (Major)

Allegiances: Nazi Germany

Played by: Ronald Lacey

Appearances: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Major Arnold Ernst Toht is the sinister Gestapo agent who attempts to retrieve the medallion from Marion, but his hand is burned by it, due to the fact that the medallion had been engulfed in flames just a few minutes before he grabbed it. The scarred inscription on his hand is used by the Nazis to pinpoint the Ark's location, but as his hand lacks the code on its other side, they end up digging in the wrong area. Later, Toht dies when his face is melted by the spirits in the Ark and his remains were taken away by the following whirlwind.

Adventure Heroes Edit

Toht didn't make an appearance in the Adventure Heroes line, but he was thought to:

  • Toht was thought to possibly be the second character in the rumored Marion Ravenwood 2-Pack, but the line was cancelled before the pack was confirmed

Images Edit

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