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Toy Line: Super Hero Squad

Wave: 4-Packs Wave 6

Released: Unknown (Seen on eBay, but not at retail)
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NOTE: The status of this pack is currently unknown, it's been seen on eBay but not at retail, more than likely, the fate of this pack depends on that of the previous waves of 4-packs. Hasbro has stated that they intend to have this pack released at some point.



Articulation: 3 Points (Waist & Arms)

Figure Information: Spider-Man is a repack of the Spider-Man found in the Spider-Man and Doc Ock 2-Pack, if officially released, this will be the first time this Spider-Man sculpt has been repacked


Iron Man

Articulation: 4 Points (Head, Waist & Arms)

Figure Information: Iron Man is a repaint of the Iron Man found in the Iron Man and Fin Fang Foom Mega Pack, if officially released, this will be the second time this Iron Man sculpt has been repainted

SDC 62361

Dr. Doom

Articulation: Not currently available

Figure Information: If officially released, Dr. Doom will be a repack of the Dr. Doom found in the Battle for Doom's Castle Playset, this is the first time this Dr. Doom sculpt has been repacked

!BpHcgt!!Wk~$(KGrHqUH-C0EuZZZiR8QBLq!rc5kK!~~ 12


Articulation: 0 Points

Figure Information: If officially released, Enchantress will be a repack of the Enchantress found in Collector's Pack 4. This is the first time this Enchantress sculpt has been repacked Repaints/Repacks:

  • As of now, this Enchantress sculpt has not been reused

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