General Bio Edit

File Name: Thomas S. Arashikage

Specialties: Ninja; Assassination; Covert Ops; Intelligence

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri

Affiliation: Cobra (Has been on GI Joe before)

Storm Shadow is best known as the Cobra Commander's ninja bodyguard and assassin. He can trace his lineage through thirty generations of assassins. He is a classic character study in conflict. Storm Shadow's primary reason for joining the evil Cobra organization is borne not out of greed but a need for vengeance. The Commander has attained his loyalty on the promise of eventually revealing the identity of his uncle's killer.

His swords brother, Snake Eyes finally convinced him to let go of revenge and even has joined the Joe Team, engaging in many missions and adventures. However, on a routine mission, he was captured by Cobra and brainwashed into their service once more. Now, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow find themselves at odds once more.

Movie Edit


Alias: Thomas Arashikage

Abilities: Martial Arts Specialist

Played by: Byung-Hun Lee; Brandon Soo Hoo (young Storm Shadow)

Appearances: Rise of Cobra

Affiliation: Cobra

Storm Shadow works secretly for M.A.R.S. Industries founder James McCullen as an operative. He trained the Baroness and harbors a grudge against Snake Eyes, leading back to their childhood. He assists Baroness in raiding the Pit and stealing the nano missiles from the Joes. In Paris, he launches the warhead that partially demolishes the Eiffel Tower. During the G.I. Joe assault on the McCullen's arctic hideout, he engages Snake Eyes in battle. He is believed killed when Snake Eyes stabs him in the abdomen with his arm mounted tonfas. He plunges into the frozen depths, his mortality unknown.

Combat Heroes Edit

Storm Shadow has currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line six times:

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