General Bio Edit

Appearances: Toy Story 2

Voiced by: Kelsey Grammer

Stinky Pete, also known as the Prospector, is a portly prospector doll. He is a toy modeled after a character on the fictional television show Woody's Roundup, where the characters consisted of Sheriff Woody, Jessie, Stinky Pete the Prospector and Bullseye, Woody's horse. The Prospector doll seen in the film has never been opened and is still "Mint in the Box", making him sought after by collectors.

In contrast to the character on the show, who was portrayed as an idiot hillbilly, the toy is quite intelligent, manipulative and well-spoken and, when he first appears, comes across as a father-figure and counsellor. Sadly, the Prospector spent a life time on a dime store shelf watching every other toy be sold, until Al McWhiggin eventually found him. He has a strong prejudice towards space toys (especially Buzz Lightyear), which arose due to the popularity of space travel and related toys in his time which put cowboy toys out of fashion.

According to his box, the Prospector had only a total of 9 sayings such as "Ther's gold in them ther hills", "Help! I think I'm stuck!", "Aw, Shucks-a-roo", and "Oh Boy!...Beans for dinner".

Toy Box Heroes Edit

Stinky Pete didn't make an appearance in the Toy Box Heroes line before its cancellation.

Images Edit

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