General Bio Edit

Universe: Generation One

Transforms into: Cybertronian jet, F-15 Eagle, Dassault Rafale Fighter Jet, P-51 Mustang, COBRA Rattler, 19th century flying machine, Mitsuoka Orochi

Faction: Decepticons

Voiced by: Frank Welker

Appearances: Transformers the Cartoon

Skywarp was the first Transformer to awaken on Earth in 1984, and he helped bring Megatron and the other Decepticons back online. After laying dormant for four million years, he was reformatted to share the same Earthen appearance as Starscream and Thundercracker, and was usually allied with them during attacks. During his first days on Earth, he soon showed his teleporting power to battle with Ironhide and Bluestreak. Although a popular character in the Transformers universe, Skywarp seldom showed much function other than being a loyal Decepticon soldier, although he did seem to take a perverse joy in praising Megatron's brilliance as a leader in front of Starscream. Despite having very few functions, those few were a key part in those episodes. Examples include when he lost self control because of Chip Chase while holding super energized Megatron; When guarding the Andes Mountain he left to aid the other Decepticons in stealing the steel they needed, leaving Starscream and Thundercracker alone to guard the mountain; he used his teleporting ability to teleport over the Autobots when racing in the Autobot Run and successfully hit them with the laser, forcing them to remain in vehicle mode; and when he was forced by Starscream to teleport him to Cybertron with the spacebridge, so that he could steal imprisoned personalities to create the Combaticons. In 2005, Skywarp was among those whom were thrown into space after being wounded during the battle for Autobot City. Adrift with Megatron and other wounded Decepticons, Skywarp encountered Unicron. Unicron used Skywarp's battered body to create one of Galvatron's new warriors. Either Skywarp or Bombshell became Cyclonus, the loyal second in command of Galvatron, although there is controversy about this due to animation inconsistencies.

Robot Heroes Edit

Skywarp has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line one time:

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