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General BioEdit

Alias: Various

Designation: Alien

Powers: Shapeshifting

Team: The Skrulls

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #2 (January 1962)

The Skrulls were a breed of green-skinned humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy. They were a fierce warrior race who carved for themselves the oldest surviving interstellar empire in the Universe’s history. Skrull science was generally at a higher level than the science of human civilization. The Skrulls were ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who had absolute power. In the beginning the Skrulls were a peaceful, scientifically inclined race on Skrullos, a planet in the Drax system. Almost a billion years ago the Celestials arrived and experimented on the Skrulls' reptillian ancestors. As the Celestials did with humans, they split the species into three branches: the "normal" branch who were capable of eventually rapidly evolving into Celestial-like beings, the shapeshifting Deviant branch, and the immortal Eternal branch. As in the case with humans, the Deviant and Eternal branches went to war. Unlike the case with humans, however, the Deviant branch wiped out all other Skrulls, thus all modern Skrulls were descendants of the Deviant branch. The Skrulls later split into two more groups, being the modern Skrulls and the Dire Wraiths, a parasitic race that could still shapeshift and had use of magic, but were not as technologically advanced as the Skrulls. Dire Wraith's were analogous to the Skrulls as vampires were to humans.

Secret Invasion SkrullsEdit

Superhero Squad Edit

The Skrull Soldier currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line two times:

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