General Bio Edit

Universe: Beast Era

Transforms into: Grey Timber Wolf/Eagle Fuzor, Cybertonian Jet Fighter, Technorganic Condor

Faction: Maximals

Voiced by: Scott McNeil

Appearances: Beast Wars cartoon

The explosion caused by the destruction of the Vok Planet Buster sent all stasis pods crashing to Earth. Some pods' scanners were damaged in the shock wave and eventual crash-landing, resulting in the Fuzors, a blend of two beast forms and the advanced Transmetal technology. One of these Fuzors was the winged wolf Silverbolt, while his neighbor was the violent, psychotic cobra-scorpion Quickstrike, who immediately picked a fight with the peaceful Silverbolt upon their activation. The fight was interrupted by Megatron, who tricked both Fuzors and recruited them into the Predacons. Silverbolt felt the faction's activation code and Megatron's orders to attack the passing Cheetor to be distasteful, earning furious punishment from the Predacon leader. Soon, he and the other Predacons faced the remaining Maximals in battle. However, Silverbolt felt out of place with so treacherous and cruel a group. After witnessing Maximal compassion and Dinobot's own admission of defection, he made an important decision and joined the Maximals, saving the newly reborn Optimus Primal from Megatron. Soon afterwards, while on patrol with the much more laid-back Rattrap, Silverbolt encountered the alluring Black Arachnia when Tarantulas and Quickstrike were attempting to set up a forward base. She was somewhat surprised by his complete refusal to strike her simply because she was a female and used it to her advantage to attack him. However, the Maximal had no such compunction against fighting the coarse Quickstrike. Soon, Silverbolt found himself reluctantly sneaking off to aid Black Arachnia in constructing a small airship out of a fallen stasis pod. When it was complete, she ran off at first word of the Ark being discovered, Silverbolt in tow. He pleaded with her to join the Maximals, and refused to leave until she did, even after she shot him in the thigh. When Megatron arrived, Silverbolt was the playing card to convince Black Arachnia to open the doors to the Ark and allow him inside. Soon after, when Optimus Prime was injured enough to cause a time storm, Black Arachnia used Silverbolt to put everything right and defected to the Maximals soon after. Most of the time thereafter, Silverbolt stayed by Black Arachnia's side, more than happy that the subterfuge was over. He was extremely pleased when Black Arachnia was converted fully into a Maximal.

Robot Heroes Edit

Silverbolt has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line one time:

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