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General BioEdit

Alias: Kayla Silverfox

Designation: Mutant/Artificially Enhanced

Powers: Artificial healing factor, age suppressant and has retractable claws

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Wolverine vol. 2 #10

A member of the Blackfoot Native American tribe, Silverfox grew up in the Canadian Rockies. Wolverine was accepted into staying with the tribe. Having being widowed the previous winter, Silver Fox and Wolverine began a relationship. Sabretooth savagely attacked Silver Fox one evening. The blame was placed on a rival tribe. Wolverine confronted Creed and left. Silver Fox apparently recovered from her injuries or was revived. She became involved with the United States government, specifically the CIA. She was recruited to join the Weapon X Program's 'Team X.' In doing so she was reunited with both Wolverine and Sabretooth. Due to the memory implants they were given, it is unclear how much of their past they were able to remember. For a time it was believed the past incidents were actually implanted memories. Silverfox had an unusually strong reaction to the memory implants; when the team was sent on a mission to Cuba she suddenly betrayed the others. She then became a terrorist, with the team battling her in Ontario. She soon joined HYDRA and quickly rose through their ranks. It was hinted that she was sent as a sleeper agent to infiltrate the Weapon Project.

Superhero Squad Edit

Silver Fox has yet to appear in the Superhero Squad line, it is unknown if she will be appearing soon.

Images Edit

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