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General Bio Edit

Universe: Movie

Transforms into: Silver Audi R8

Faction: Decepticons

Voiced by: John DiMaggio

Appearances: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

N.E.S.T. and the Autobots pursue Sideways and Demolisher through Shanghai. While Optimus Prime and Ironhide are busy dealing with Demolisher, Sideways figures that he can escape now that they are sidetracked. Arcee, Skids and Mudflap were sent to stop him but, he was able to elude them by jumping through an apartment. Sideswipe was brought in by Major Lennox to chase him upon his escape from Arcee and the twins. Sideswipe immediately chased him who jumps, shoots him and cuts him in half, killing Sideways.

Robot Heroes Edit

Sideways has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line two times:

Images Edit


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