General Bio Edit

Appearances: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3

Voiced by: Tom Hanks

Woody Pride is an old-fashioned pull-string stuffed cowboy doll with plastic head and hands based on the main character from a 1950s popular TV Show, "Woody's Roundup". He is Andy's favorite toy since kindergarten, with a special spot on the bed. He is the leader of the toys. When one of Andy's toys is in doubt, they usually turn to Woody for help. Woody is very touchy about his position as room leader. When Buzz Lightyear arrives, Woody takes the loss of attention rather hard and gets jealous. Eventually, Buzz and Woody become the best of friends and together they lead Andy's room.

Woody's girlfriend is a porcelain lamp named Bo Peep or just 'Bo' (as Woody affectionately calls her).


woody evil

Toy Box Heroes Edit

Despite being one of the two main characters of the Toy Story movies, Woody didn't make an appearance in the Toy Box Heroes line before its cancellation.

Images Edit

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