General Bio Edit

Universe: Generation One

Transforms into: Car

Faction: Autobots

Voiced by: No English speaking voice

Appearances: Transformers: Headmasters

Ricochet's function is Rapid-Fire Attack, and he's well suited to it. He is the most accurate marksman the Autobots have and a Targetmaster as well, further augmenting his incredible skill. Unfortunately he's also quick-tempered and very easily provoked. This leads to him having a hard time maintaining friendly relations or even conversations with his teammates. In his favor, Ricochet has an uncommonly strong sense of justice (exactly twice as strong as the ordinary Autobot).

Robot Heroes Edit

Ricochet has not currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line but he was supposed to:

  • He was supposed to appear in his black and white look in the Ricochet and Predaking 2-Pack, but it never made it to stores in the US, only Asia and Europe

Images Edit


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