General BioEdit

Alias: Charles Francis Xavier

Designation: Mutant

Powers: Telepathy which grants him, mind reading and control, memory alteration, mental bolts, induced paralysis, illusion casting and astral projection, and also has a genius level intellect

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: X-Men #1

Charles Francis Xavier was born in New York City to the wealthy Brian Xavier, a well-respected nuclear scientist, and Sharon Xavier. After Brian dies in an accident, his science partner Kurt Marko comforts and marries the grieving Sharon. When Xavier's telepathic mutant powers emerge, he discovers Kurt cares only about his mother's money. After the wedding, Kurt moves in with the Xaviers, bringing with him his son Cain. Kurt quickly grows neglectful of Sharon, driving her to alcoholism, and abuses both Charles and Cain. Cain takes out his frustrations and insecurities on his stepbrother. Charles uses his telepathic powers to read Cain's mind and explore the extent of his psychological damage, which only leads to Cain becoming more aggressive toward him and the young Xavier feeling Cain's pain firsthand. With help from his powers and his natural genius, Xavier becomes an excellent student and athlete, though he gives up the latter, believing his powers give him an unfair advantage. He graduates with honors at the age of 16 from Harvard University. Xavier later met with Fred Duncan, an FBI agent investigating the growing number of mutants. Xavier told Duncan of his plan to locate young mutants and enroll them in his "School for Gifted Youngsters", using his ancestral mansion home as a base to train them to use their powers for humanity's benefit. The base included subterranean medical labs, a training facility called the "Danger Room", an aircraft hanger, and Xavier's mutant detection device code named "Cerebro". Over the following months Xavier assembled his original team of "X-Men": Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Jean Grey, who took the name Marvel Girl. Notable menaces included Magneto, now a mutant supremacist and terrorist, and anthropologist Bolivar Trask's mutant-hunting Sentinels.

Superhero Squad Edit

Professor X currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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