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General Bio Edit

Universe: Generation One

Transforms into: Microscope/Mobile Field Artillery Cannon

Faction: Autobots

Voiced by: Paul Eiding

Appearances: Transformers the Cartoon

Perceptor arrived on Earth during a period of time occurring after the initial impact of the Ark into the planet. Dinobot Island, Part 2 It is unknown exactly when he arrived, but the malfunctions he suffered during the Cybertonium depletion crisis would lead one to conclude that he had been present when the Ark crashed onto prehistoric Earth during the encounter wih the Nemesis. During his period of habitation on that planetary body, he experienced a myriad of adventures. Included in that scope were incidents such as: reconfiguring his mass ratio to a microscopic scale in order to sever the connection of the Heart of Cybertron to Megatron's body; being abducted by the Decepticons, along with Seaspray The Golden Lagoon; traveling through the interstellar void with Jazz to reacquire Cosmos from Saturn's moon Titan; and landing on an unexplored world in which Cybertronian lifeforms were minuscule in relation to the immense indigenous population. He also synthesized a panacea to remedy the deadly Cosmic Rust epidemic. Perceptor's actions continued to be of intrinsic strategic import, particularly following the distinct tactical deficiencies during the battle of Autobot City that resulted in the expiration of Wheeljack, and pointing out that "gamma waves in this sector of space create marginal navigation probablilites" as the Autobots fled Earth. He also accompanied Rodimus Prime on a multitude of his manifold peregrinations. During one of his final known excursions with Rodimus, Perceptor found his universal emulator taken from his body and transplanted into the Zamojin construct called Nijika, which resulted in Perceptor's consciousness taking up residence within that form. All things considered, he took it quite well, and helped free the planet from the tentacled grasp of the Quintessons.

Robot Heroes Edit

Perceptor has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line one time:

Images Edit


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