General BioEdit

Alias: Richard Rider

Designation: Alien powered

Powers: Superhuman strength, durability, and speed, currently in possession, via download, of the Xandarian Worldmind which allows him near infinite control over the Nova Force granting him energy projection and absorption and the ability to execute powerful gravimetric pulses and opening intergalactic stargates

Team: none

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Nova #1

Richard Rider was born in Hempstead, New York. As a teenager, he was chosen at random by the alien Rhomann Dey, last surviving Centurion of the planet Xandar's elite Nova Corps, to inherit his power and succeed him in the rank of Nova Prime following the destruction of his world by the intergalactic pirate Zorr. Having been mortally wounded in the battle that tore Xandar apart, Dey succeeded in tracking Zorr to Earth but was unable to exact vengeance due to the extent of his injuries. At death's door, Dey had little choice but to transfer his power to an unsuspecting human on the planet below, praying whomever he found will take up his cause and prove worthy of the powers he had given. Rider gained great strength, invulnerability, the power to fly, and a uniform with a sealed life support system, but little instruction on how to use these new powers. Still, he took up the life of a superhero, fighting costumed villains in New York and gradually learning how to use his new powers. After sometime fighting crime alone, Rich joined up with Night Thrasher and several other costumed heroes in the group known as the New Warriors. He spends a long time with the New Warriors but also has to balance his time managing the Nova Corps. Recently after leaving the New Warriors, Nova successfully fended off the Annihilation Wave led by Annihilus, saving the galaxy in the process.

Superhero Squad Edit

Nova currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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