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General BioEdit

Alias: Harry Osborn

Powers: Enchanced intelligence, superhuman physical attributes similar to those of the Green Goblin, assorted weaponry and gear

This Incarnation: Movie

Played by: James Franco

Appearances: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3

Peter Parker's closest friend and constantly ignored by his successful father, Harry is often left out. After the death of his father, who he believes Spider-Man killed, he swears revenge. As the new head of Oscorp, Harry makes a deal with Doc Ock for Spider-Man. After learning the truth about Peter, Harry's mind breaks and he begins to hallucinate. In an argument with his deceased father, Harry smashes a mirror in rage to discover a hidden room full of goblin gear. Harry takes the supersolider serum and becomes the New Goblin. Driven to madness, he attempts to kill Spider-Man with a pumpkin bomb but the symbiote reacts and throws it back at Harry, scarring half his face. Distraught and injured, Harry learns the truth about his father's death and decides to atone for his actions and goes to help save Peter and Mary Jane from Venom and Sandman. In a battle with Venom, he becomes mortally wounded and sacrifices himself to save his two best friends.

Superhero Squad Edit

New Goblin currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line four times:

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