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Marvel Super Hero SquadEdit

SHS Theme 3-Packs:
War Mechs

  • War Machine (repaint)
  • Iron Man (removable helmet, repaint)
  • Detroit Steel (movie Iron Monger repaint)

Asgardian Smash

  • Hulk (wave 15 repaint)
  • Thor (translucent blue swoosh)
  • Odin (Warrior?)

Battle for Asgard's Vault

  • Thor (original figure, repaint)
  • Loki (gold repaint, possibly CP4 repack)
  • Destroyer

Red She-Hulk (She-Hulk repaint)
Destroyer (green repaint)
Human Torch (yellow translucent)
Doom Bot (wave 3 Dr Doom repaint)
Evil-Silver Surfer
Leader (Silver repaint)
Falcon w/Redwing (metallic color scheme)
Logan (repaint, black pants)
Ultimate Captain America (classic colors)
Thor (Happy - wave 18 repaint)
Hulk (slouching - Bright green)
Captain America (Muted colors)

Spider-Man SUV/Jeep
Captain America SUV

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