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General BioEdit

Alias: Raven Darkholme

Designation: Mutant

Powers: Shapeshifting, superhuman agility, ageless, healing factor, skilled combatant, and master strategist

Team: The Brotherhood of Mutants

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #16

Little was known about Mystique's past due to the fact that she could eliminate the outward signs of aging with her shape-changing power; it was not known exactly how old she was. She apparently learned to use her shape-changing power at a very early age which made her family fear her, for there is no evidence known to the public or the government that Raven Darkholme ever looked like anything but a normal human being. Despite the fact Mystique's exact age remains unknown, her earliest meeting with her lover Destiny is stated to have occurred somewhere around the dawn of the 20th century. The two embarked on a decades long quest which required a lot of traveling and ended with the two parting ways. While on a mission in East Berlin under the guise of Leni Zauber, Mystique would team up with with her future husband, Sabretooth. Though married to Victor Creed, Mystique's son Nightcrawler was actually conceived with the demon Azazel, and she is also the foster mother of Rogue. Mystique later organized the third incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which originally consisted of herself, Avalanche, the Blob, Destiny, and Pyro. Mystique named her group after the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, an organization founded by Magneto.

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Mystique currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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