Toy Line: Super Hero Squad

Wave: Megas Wave 4

Released: April 2011*Forum Reviews

NOTE: This Mega Pack is assumed to be at toys r us due to Q&As by Hasbro and further evidenced by the reuse of these figures elsewhere.


Mr. Fantastic

Articulation: 2 Points (Head & Waist)

Figure Information: Mr. Fantastic is a new sculpt, had it been released it would have probably been his second unique sculpt in the Super Hero Squad line

Repaints/Repacks: Despite being April 2011, this Mr. Fantastic figure is to be released exactly the same elsewhere and was repainted



Articulation: 6 Points (Head, Waist, Arms & Hands)

Figure Information: Galactus is a repaint of the Galactus found in the Human Torch and Galactus Mega Pack, had this Galactus been april 2011, it would have been the first time that Galactus sculpt had been repainted


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