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General BioEdit

Alias: Mary Jane Watson

Designation: Human

Powers: None

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #42

After her mother Madeline left Philip, the Watson women stayed with various relatives. One such relative that MJ was particularly fond of was her Aunt Anna, living in Queens, New York. On the night of Ben Parker's murder, MJ spotted a frantic Peter running into his house with Spider-Man emerging from an upstairs windows only moments later. On this she deduced that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were one and the same. Confused by the emotions set off by the discovery, she chose to keep this information to herself. After numerous attempts by Aunt May to pair Peter and MJ together, MJ finally paid a visit to the Parker home. Unfortunately, as Spider-Man was fighting the Spider-Slayer robots, he was not at home. MJ is an actress who has preformed in many plays, even on Broadway. She has always been in direct competition with Gwen Stacy for Peter's affections, but after her death, Peter and MJ were eventually married. More recently during the One More Day storyline, the marriage has been erased by Mephisto much to the disappointment of many comic book fans.

Superhero Squad Edit

Mary Jane currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

Images Edit


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