General Bio Edit

File Name: Sebastian Bludd

Specialties: Terrorist; Assassination; Weapons and tactics

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Grade/Rank: Major (O-4)

Affiliation: Cobra

There are many things that Major Bludd is known for. He is known for being despicable and greedy. It is said that he would willingly rent out his grandmother as a tackling dummy. He has a reputation for holding poetry in high regard, if only his poems could also be held in the same standard.

Bludd served in his home country's Special Air Service force where he held the rank of major and then transferred to the French Foreign Legion before becoming embracing the life of a mercenary. He is proficient with explosives, long range sniper rifles and many forms of infantry rifles. He is wanted in three continents for numerous crimes, particularly in the countries of Rhodesia and Libya. He has engaged in assassinations, mercenary infantry and playing the part of adviser to military dictatorships. Bludd is easily identified by his eye-patch and Snidely Whiplash-style mustache.

Combat Heroes Edit

Major Bludd has not currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line, but he was expected to appear one time:

  • He was supposed to appear in his classic black costume in the Lady Jaye and Major Bludd 2-Pack, but it was never released in the US, it was only available in Canada

Images Edit


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