General Bio Edit

Nationality: Chinese

Professions: Crime lord

Allegiances: Shanghai gang

Played by: Roy Chiao

Appearances: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Lao Che is a Chinese gangster who promises Indiana a diamond in return for the ashes of Nurhaci but instead poisons him and offers the poison's antidote in exchange for returning the diamond. Indiana escapes with the antidote and leaves Shanghai unknowingly on a plane owned by Lao Che. Che orders the pilots to parachute out of the plane in hopes of killing Indiana when the plane crashes, but Indiana deploys a raft and lands safely on the ground. Che has two sons, Kao Kan and Chen, the latter of whom is killed by Indiana when Che and Indiana meet for the exchange.

Adventure Heroes Edit

Lao Che didn't make an appearance in the Adventure Heroes line, but he was thought to:

  • Lao was thought to be the second character in the rumored Indy in Tux and Club 2-Pack, but the line was cancelled before the pack was confirmed

Images Edit

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