General Bio Edit

Universe: Beast Era

Transforms into: Giant Fire Ant, Lamborghini Diablo

Faction: Predacons

Voiced by: Jim Byrnes

Appearances: Beast Wars cartoon

When Inferno's stasis pod crashed to prehistoric Earth, Tarantulas and Black Arachnia immediately set out to claim him as their own. Unfortunately, Inferno had been awakened automatically, having scanned the form of a fire ant. Moreover, his beast mode came to overwhelm his logic circuits, causing Inferno to become wholly convinced that he was an actual fire ant and that his stasis pod was his "colony". Airazor arrived at the scene and was immediately attacked by Inferno and Black Arachnia. During the fight Tarantulas escaped with the stasis pod, which was his real goal, and an enraged Inferno followed. Pursuing the Predacons, Tigatron was able to destroy the stasis pod before Tarantulas was able to get it to his lab. This act put Inferno completely over the edge and he went even crazier. Before he could finish Tigatron off however, Optimus and Airazor showed up and blew him to bits. However, Megatron took an immediate shine to the brutish psychopath and had him restored, possibly with some mental improvements, and thereafter Inferno was fanatically loyal to Megatron. In subsequent skirmishes, he killed Tigatron's mate, discovered and recovered the Alien Disk, and was sent to monitor the treacherous Tarantulas, but went further than Megatron wanted and roasted the spider, only to get knocked out by Black Arachnia. The latter suffered temporary defeat when the Vok's Planet Buster ravaged the planet's surface. After the death of Scorponok, Inferno became the Predacon Sub-Commander. When Ravage arrived in the Beast Wars and Megatron's troops were scattered, Inferno sacrificed himself by detonating a huge cache of Energon in a failed attempt to defeat the Maximals. Despite his apparent vaporization, he revived yet again, though with several holes in his chassis. As the Beast Wars escalated, Inferno's importance and intimidation factor declined. When he was sent, alongside Quickstrike and Waspinator, to destroy a protohuman settlement, not only was he beaten severely by the cavemen, he was also accidentally killed when he was caught in the Nemesis' firing range. His head was used thereafter by the protohumans as a drum, and his tail thruster was used for their cooking fire.

Robot Heroes Edit

Inferno has not currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line, but he was supposed to:

  • He was supposed to appear in his red, black and light green look from the Beast Wars cartoon in the Tigatron and Inferno 2-Pack, but it never made it to stores in the US, only in Asia and Europe

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