General BioEdit

File Name: Lamont A. Morris

Specialties: Heavy ordnance; Laser weapons systems; Indirect fire infantryman

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade/Rank: Sergeant (E-5)

Affiliation: GI Joe

Roadblock is not the only G.I. Joe strongman with an unusual passion. When Heavy Duty goes to battle, it is classical music that flows inside his head. Heavy Duty is a rough-and-ready individual with a big heart and soul. He very much craves action just as much as the next Joe. But few would have ever suspected he knows Bach and orchestral music. At a very young age, Heavy Duty developed a passion for classical music and even became an accomplished classical guitarist. Playing the musical instruments gave Heavy Duty the edge in operating heavy weapons systems that require some specialization in operating them with both hands.

Movie Edit


Alias: Hershel Dalton

Abilities: Heavy Weapons Specialist

Played by: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Appearances: Rise of Cobra

Affiliation: GI Joe

Heavy Duty is seen along with the rest of the Joes stopping the Baroness and her forces from stealing a case of Nanites from a team consisting of Duke, Ripcord and a Ranger. Using a gatling gun he stopped several Cobra forces and was in a stand off with Duke who thought they were also trying to steal the case. He later trained Duke and Ripcord in usage of the Accelerator suits. During the attack on The Pit he was seen wielding dual grenade launchers, which he used to destroy the Cobra's main escape vehicle. He participated in the attack on Cobra's base by leading an amphibious attack force to deal with Cobra's own amphibious attack force and to destroy Cobra's base.

Combat Heroes Edit

Heavy Duty has currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line one time:

Images Edit


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