General BioEdit

File Name: Clayton M. Abernathy

Aliases: General Hawk, General Tomahawk

Specialties: G.I. Joe commander; Artillery; Radar

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Grade/Rank: Lieutenant General (O-9)

Affiliation: GI Joe

Hawk actually comes from a rich family who let their son go to West Point. He didn't disappoint them. He graduated with top honors and became an officer. Military education is not all that he got, he received the brunt of his experience right out in the field. And that's why those under his command respect him, they know he's gone and done it just as they had. There's not a thing they wouldn't do for him. As they say, he would never give his soldiers a command that he wouldn't do by himself.

Movie Edit


Alias: Clayton Abernathy

Abilities: Team Leader

Played by: Dennis Quaid

Appearances: Rise of Cobra

Affiliation: GI Joe

After the attempted theft of the case containing the warheads, Breaker created a holographic form of Hawk so he and Duke could talk face to face while the General was still in the Pit. He later explained to Duke what GI Joe is and also tried to prevent Duke and Ripcord from joining the team as their mission was over. Through Duke's "blackmailing" he was forced to allow both Duke and Ripcord to join the team temporarily. During the Attack of the Pit, when Cover Girl was stabbed from behind by Zartan, Hawk was in his office. Storm Shadow then stabs Hawk in the chest and it is later shown that Hawk is still badly injured and required a wheelchair to move and required a cane to stand, though weakly. After Breaker discovered the location of Destro's base he authorized the attack by Alpha Team and also asked all Joe Personnel to chose to return to their new station or stay with the Joes just for the attack. He coordinated the attack from the Pit, though still requiring a cane, and later gave the launch orders for the attack.

Combat Heroes Edit

Hawk has currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line two times and was rumored to appear another time:

  • In his movie costume holding a flag with the Joe logo on it in the Hawk and Cobra Viper 2-Pack
  • In a blue and black costume with blue gloves and gun in the Hawk Single Pack
  • He was also supposed to appear in the Hawk and Zartan 2-Pack, but it was only rumored and assumed to be cancelled after the previous wave of Combat Heroes was cancelled. It is unknown what Hawk would have been in that pack.

Images Edit


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