General BioEdit

Alias: Various

Designation: Conditioned

Powers: Traditional training in martial arts, camouflage, and subterfuge. They've also been given magical abilities by the demon the Beast.

Team: The Hand

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Daredevil #168

The Hand is an order of evil mystical ninja who are heavily involved in organized crime and mercenary activities such as assassination plots. The Hand covets power above all other objectives. They are primarily based in Japan, but operate internationally. They were founded in 1588 as a secret society of Japanese nationalist samurai but were soon co-opted by the Snakeroot, an ancient ninja clan which serves a primordial demon known only as The Beast. The hand has frequently seen conflict with Daredevil, Elektra, and Wolverine who have all been members at one point in addition to other notable characters such as Psylocke, Bullseye, and Echo.

Superhero Squad Edit

The Hand Ninja currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

Images Edit


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