General Bio Edit

File Name: Ettienne R. LaFitte

Specialties: Recondo; Jungle Warfare training

Birthplace: Fer-de-Lance, Louisiana

Grade/Rank: Sergeant Major (E-9)

Affiliation: GI Joe

Gung-Ho is described as the most craziest and scariest jarhead to come out from Parris Island. His esprit-de-corps attitude is infectious especially when he gets out and fights Cobra forces head on, man-to-man. Born on the bayou, Gung-Ho was part of a large Cajun clan. He earned the reputation as a tough brawler and knife-fighter in New Orleans. He joined the Marines at age 18 and graduated top of class in Parris Island. A proud Marine through-and-through, he isn't shy about exhibiting that huge USMC tattoo on his chest.

Combat Heroes Edit

Gung Ho has not currently appeared in the Combat Heroes line, but he was supposed to:

  • He was supposed to appear in in his classic green and blue costume in the Gung Ho and Cobra Commander 2-Pack, but it was never released in the US, it was only released in Canada

Images Edit


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