General Bio Edit

Nationality: French

Professions: Knight

Allegiances: Knights of the First Crusade

Played by: Robert Eddison

Appearances: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The Grail Knight was last man of three brothers who guarded the Holy Grail for many years. Like his siblings, he was a Knight of the First Crusade and continued to watch over the cup that once held the blood of Jesus Christ long after his brothers departed for France some 150 years after finding the Grail.

Chosen because he was the bravest and most worthy, the Knight would watch until another came to vanquish him in single combat. Though drinking from the Grail had extended his life beyond normal mortals, the centuries that passed before Indiana Jones came across him in 1938 had sapped his strength and the Knight was unable to put up proper resistance with the archaeologist.

Gracious in defeat, the Knight tried to pass on his sword to Jones but was interrupted by the arrival of Walter Donovan and Elsa Schneider. Donovan demanded that the Knight reveal which was the true Holy Grail, but the Knight refused to do so. Schneider subsequently chose a false one, which resulted in Donovan aging into dust when he drank from it. Jones subsequently found the correct one.

The Knight was last seen awaiting the collapse of the Temple of the Sun after Schneider crossed the Great Seal with the Grail. It is presumed that, with the loss of the Grail, the Knight died soon afterward.

Adventure Heroes Edit

The Grail Knight currently has appeared in the Adventure Heroes line one time:

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