Toy Line: Super Hero Squad

Wave: Hulk Super Hero Squad Playsets

Released: August 2008


Articulation: 4 Points (Head, Waist & Arms)

Figure Information: Spider-Man is a repaint of the Spider-Man found in the Spider-Man and Black Cat 2-Pack, this is the second time this Spider-Man sculpt has been repainted




Articulation: 2 Points (Head & Waist)

Figure Information: Hulk is a repack of the Hulk found in the Hulk and Absorbing Man 2-Pack, this is the first time this Hulk sculpt has been repacked


  • As of now, this Hulk sculpt has not been reused

NOTE: The Hulk in the top picture is incorrect, the final product was actually dark green not light green


Gamma Lab

Articulation: A playset can't have articulation

FIgure Information: The Gamma Lab is a repaint of the Bank Heist Battleground found in the Bank Heist Battleground Playset, this is the first time this Bank Heist Battleground Playset has been repainted


  • As of now, this Gamma Lab Playset has not been reused
See picture above

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