General BioEdit

Alias: Maxwell Dillon

Designation: Artificially Enhanced

Powers: Electric manipulation, superhuman strength, stamina, speed and agility

Team: The Sinister Six

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #9

Maxwell Dillon was born to Jonathan and Anita Dillon in Endicott, New York. Jonathan was an accountant, though he had trouble keeping a job. Because of this, Max and his family moved frequently when Max was young and he found it difficult to make friends. His hot-headed father abandoned his family when Max was eight years old. Anita subsequently became overprotective of Max, leading to his single greatest flaw as a supervillain: his inferiority complex. Years later, Max told his mother he wished to become an electrical engineer. Anita, not wanting him to be angry if he failed, convinced him he was not intelligent enough, and Max reluctantly took a job as a lineman for an electric company. While he was repairing a power line, a freak lightning accident resulted in a mutagenic change in his nervous system, transforming Dillon into a living electrical capacitor. His powers were initially weak, so he spent some time stealing electrical equipment from Stark Industries to charge himself. During this time, he was approached by Magneto, who considered him a potential recruit for his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, claiming that Dillon's power rivaled his own, but Dillon refused. The following day, Dillon was confronted by a small-time thug who he'd been borrowing money from to pay for the machinery he'd needed. When the thug drew a gun on him because he hadn't paid back the money yet, he responded by shooting a blast of lightning through the thug's chest- the first time Dillon ever killed anybody. Soon taking the name Electro, he turned to a life of a professional criminal, his first victim being J. Jonah Jameson. Electro broke into the Daily Bugle Building and stole Jameson's safe right in front of him. Jameson accused Spider-Man of being an alternate identity of Electro, prompting Spider-Man to prove the publisher wrong. During his confrontation with Electro, Spider-Man was nearly killed when he touched the electrically charged supervillain. Spider-Man eventually used a fire hose to short-circuit Electro.

Superhero Squad Edit

Electro currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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