General Bio Edit

Universe: Movie

Transforms into: Terex O&K RH400 Excavator

Faction: Decepticons

Voiced by: Calvin Wimmer

Appearances: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

When N.E.S.T. and the Autobots come to Shanghai, they encounter Demolisher and Sideways. Demolisher transforms and swats at N.E.S.T. helicopters as he begins to make himself mobile before proceeding onto a highway. Ironhide chases him, but has little success, so Optimus Prime is released into the fray from a military transport plane. Demolisher destroys an overpass just as Optimus transforms and jumps off the bridge. Optimus manages to dive onto Demolisher, grabbing onto his face as he proceeds down the highway. Optimus shoots him repeatedly, forcing the Decepticon to fall over the edge of the highway and crash into the ground. As Optimus Prime and Ironhide approach him, he declares that "This is not your planet to rule, The Fallen shall rise again." before Optimus Prime delivered a point-blank blast right in his face, killing him mercilessly.

Robot Heroes Edit

Demolisher has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line one time:

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