General BioEdit

Alias: Luther Manning

Designation: Cyborg

Powers: Cybernetic enhancements granting superhuman speed, strength, durability, reflexes, ability to repair bodily damage and to track multiple objects

Team: None

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Astonishing Tales #25

Luther Manning enlisted in the army in the late 70's and rose through the ranks until he beacme a colonel. During war games in 1985, Manning was critically injured by the effects of a concussion mine. Manning's remains were salvaged by a collegue known as Major Simon Ryker for the use in the project: Alpa Mech, a covert operation to create cyborg super soldiers. Mannings brain, nervous system and still living tissue were transplanted into a synthetic body in an operation performed by Mahor Rykers brother Harlen Ryker (Also known as Hellinger), who for years had replaced his brothers missing limbs with synthetic parts, which were lost in altercation with Doctor Doom. After 5 years in stasis, Mannings body was reanimated as the cyborg Deathlok, so named because he was locked in a death-like state.

Superhero Squad Edit

Deathlok currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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