Deadpool final

General BioEdit

Alias: Wade Wilson

Designation: Mutated

Powers: Regenerative healing factor, superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes, expert marksman, swordsman and martial artist

Team: none

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: New Mutants #98

After his mother died from cancer, his father killed by a drunken friend, and he was kicked out of the United States Army Special Forces, Wade joined Project X. Little was known of Wilson's subsequent mercenary activities. He soon joined Weapon X, the same organization that gave Wolverine his powers, where his cancer was temporarily arrested due to the advanced healing factor he was given. Following being kicked out of the Weapon X program, Wade became a mercenary for hire, at one point being employed by the Kingpin. Deadpool has teamed up with Cable on multiple occasions and have become a fairly well known duo. Deadpool is often referred to as "The Merc with a Mouth" as he talks a lot and is the only comic book character capable of breaking the fourth wall.



Alias: Same as above

Powers: Same as above until mutated further when he gained optic blasts, a katana in each of his wrists, and the ability to control electric devices

Played by: Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins (As Weapon XI)

Appearances: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In the movie, he appears to be a highly skilled, wisecracking mercenary. Alluding to this, Colonel William Stryker claims that he would be the perfect soldier if he could keep his mouth shut. Later in the film, Sabretooth claims that Wade was killed off screen. However, Wade was in fact used to become "Weapon XI" a.k.a. the Deadpool, possessing other mutants' powers, including Wolverine's old healing factor, Scott Summers' optic blasts, John Wraith's teleportation power, and Chris Bradley's Technopath. He also possessed two long adamantium blades extending from his arms. Under the remote control of Stryker, Deadpool begins fighting Wolverine, and seems to be overpowering him, until Sabretooth returns to assist his brother. Wolverine then eventually gets the upper hand and cuts off Deadpool's head. In some copies of the theatrical release, there is a post-credits scene in which Deadpool's hand is seen reaching for his severed head, at which point, he opens his eyes and makes a noise.

Superhero Squad Edit

Deadpool currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line four times:

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