General BioEdit

Alias: Scott Summers

Designation: Mutant

Powers: Able to emit powerful beams of energy from his eyes, Immune to his own power and that of his brother. Possess heightened spatial awareness, is a master tactician, an expert pilot, and has black belts in judo and aikido

Team: The X-Men

This Incarnation: New X-Men

First Appearance: X-Men #1

Orphaned at an early age when a plane crash took his parents lives and left him with memory loss. At sixteen he ran away from an orphanage ran by Mr. Sinister and his power fist emerged destroying a crane and almost killing bystanders. Jack O’ Diamonds took him under his wing until Professor Xavier finds him. He is the first member of the X-men. He is the widow of Madelyne Pryor and Jean Grey and has been romantically linked with Emma Frost.

Astonishing X-MenEdit

Superhero Squad Edit

Cyclops currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line eight times:

Images Edit


Astonishing Cyclops


Astonishing Cyclops

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