General Bio Edit

Nationality: German

Professions: Standartenführer

Allegiances: Nazi Germany

Played by: Michael Byrne

Appearances: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Standartenführer Ernst Vogel is an officer in the SS and aids Donovan in finding the Holy Grail. His main objective is to kill the Joneses under direct order of Adolf Hitler. Vogel suffered a humiliating defeat after he found Jones Sr. on a German zeppelin bound for Athens, when Indiana however becomes a Conductor and asks for tickets but throws him out of the window when Vogel refused, when it is about to take off. Afterwards, Vogel and Donovan are heading towards the location of the Grail. Indiana jumps on to a tank Vogel is in, and Vogel emerges to confront him. Indy takes flight when the tank they are on is rolling off a cliff, but Vogel goes down with it, perishing when the tank turret, which he holds onto, comes out of its socket and rolls with him still clutching it about on the jagged rocks.

Adventure Heroes Edit

Col. Vogel currently has appeared in the Adventure Heroes line one time and was rumored but didn't appear another time:

Images Edit


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