General BioEdit

Played by: Peter Mayhew

Appearances: Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi

Faction: Republic & Rebellion

Race: Wookiee

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

A member of the long living Wookiee race, Chewbacca began his part in the galactic history by serving as Yoda’s bodyguard during the Battle of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. But, with the occupation of his homeworld at the conclusion of the war, he found himself as a prisoner of the empire. While serving as slave labor, he found himself freed by a rouge imperial cadet, a young Han Solo, with this rescue he began his life debt, and would serve as protector, companion, and copilot to the famous smuggler. As a former mechanic he uses his skills to keep the Millenium Falcon flying as one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. And this “walking carpet” loves to show his skill, both with his bowcaster and at the holochess table.

Galactic HeroesEdit

Chewbacca has appeared in the Galactic Heroes line [?] times


Chewie MFA
Bacca wave1
Chewbacca wave6
Chewbacca wave11

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