General BioEdit

Alias: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers

Designation: Mutant

Powers: Telepathy, telekinesis, technopathy, enhanced physical attributes, expert marksman and hand-to-hand fighter

Team: The X-Men, X-Force

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #201

Mr. Sinister found that a union between the X-Men Scott Summers and Jean Grey would produce a powerful mutant. Sinister hoped he could control such as mutant and use it to defeat Apocalypse. At the time, Jean Grey was believed dead, so Sinister created a clone of her. He named the clone Madelyne Pryor, and created a false background for her. He arranged for her to meet Scott Summers. Scott was instantly drawn to Madelyne because she strongly resembled his true love. They quickly married and Madelyne later became pregnant with Cable. Long after, Jean returned and Apocalypse infected Cable with a techno-organic virus, Cyclops was given the choice to send Cable into the future so that he could be cured, which he chose to take. He eventually had to travel back to the present to stop his evil clone, Stryfe, and while there, he organized the team known as X-Force.

Superhero Squad Edit

Cable currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line two times:

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