General BioEdit

File Name: Alvin R. Kibbey

Specialties: Communications; Computer technology; Infantry

Birthplace: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Grade/Rank: Sergeant (E-5); Corporal (E-4) (movie)

Affiliation GI Joe

Breaker never allows himself to get frustrated. He believes that as long as he is prepared for anything, he can get any job done. As the Joe Team's communications specialist, he makes sure his comm gear is always in perfect working order. While being a radioman may not seem much, he takes the job seriously. He knows communications is one of the most crucial elements in any operation. To this end, he has mastered every form of communication equipment he could lay his hands on, learned everything he could about computers, cracking enemy codes and tracing transmissions. It doesn't hurt that he can speak seven languages. His habit of chewing bubble gum even in adverse situations is the ultimate expression of his self-confidence.

Movie Edit


Alias: Abel Shaz

Abilities: Communications specialist

Played by: Saïd Taghmaoui

Appearances: Rise of Cobra

Affiliation: GI Joe

Breaker was first seen during the attempted theft of nanite weapons by Cobra but was not seen actually fighting. He later was part of the standoff between Duke and the Joes using a pistol. He did not take a part of Duke and Ripcord's training as he was looking for the Baroness's identity after Duke informed them she was his ex-fiance. After the battle was over he found the Baroness's current identity and helped discover Cobra's plan to get the nanites weaponized. His role in the battle was mainly telling the pursuing Joes of The Baroness's current location and was arrested with the rest of the Joes. During the attack on Cobra's base he took control of the control room with Scarlett and helped Ripcord and Snake-Eyes complete their mission. He was last seen escaping the sinking Cobra base along with Scarlett and Snake-Eyes and was seen with the rest of the Joes entering a aircraft.

Combat Heroes Edit

Breaker currently has appeared in the Combat Heroes line one time:

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