General Bio Edit

Universe: Movie

Transforms into: Modified M1 Abrams Tank

Faction: Decepticons

Voiced by: No speaking voice

Appearances: Transformers the Movie

Brawl is first seen in the film rallying with the other Decepticons to Starscream's call. He is in the highway chase with Barricade, and Bonecrusher. He is later seen during the final battle, announcing his arrival by firing at the Autobots and US soldiers in the streets. Ironhide attacks him with his missiles while performing a Helix twist dodge maneuver, while Jazz leaps onto his frame, pulls on his main cannon causing him to miss, forcing Brawl to transform. With his sheer strength, Brawl pulls Jazz off with one hand and throws him against a building. Ironhide distracts Brawl, while Ratchet leaps in and attacks Brawl, cutting off one of his arms. Brawl collapses, seemingly beaten (although the most likely assumption is that he was just stunned, as he was not shot by Ratchet or Captain William Lennox and his team in his most vulnerable part—the chest), minutes later, Megatron lands in a nearby alley. He quickly recovers and rises again when Megatron enters the battle. Brawl continues to mercilessly engage the human forces, until Bumblebee attacks Brawl, still attached to the tow truck driven by Mikaela. Bumblebee shoots him several times in the chest which, combined with shots fired by the human forces, is enough to kill him completely. His dead body was later disposed of.

Robot Heroes Edit

Brawl has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line two times:

Images Edit


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