General Bio Edit

File Name: Wayne R. Sneeden

Specialties: Ranger; Small-arms armorer

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

Grade/Rank: Staff Sergeant (E-6)

Affiliation: GI Joe

Beach Head's life is defined by patience, discipline and absolute dedication to the profession he has chosen. When Beach Head hits the ground running, he doesn't stop until he reaches his objective. An Airborne Ranger through and through, Beach Head rises before the sun and does a ten mile run before starting his regular PT sessions with the unit. A former instructor at the Ranger School at Ft. Benning Georgia and a former observer/advisor at the Covert Ops school in Central America., Beach Head is a highly motivated individual with a high pain threshold, a moderate temperament, and a low tolerance for under achievers and slackers. Beach Head likes to be the first one out of the helicopter on a combat assault because he knows he can provide the best covering and suppressive fire to allow the rest of his team to deploy. To him anger is a waste of energy and doesn't accomplish anything, he'd rather get even.

Combat Heroes Edit

Beachhead currently has appeared in the Combat Heroes line one time and was expected to appear another time:

Images Edit


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