General Bio Edit

File Name: Anastasia Cisarovna;

Aliases: Anastasia DeCobray

Specialties: Intelligence; Fixed-wing pilot; Sabotage

Birthplace: Unknown (believed to be East Europe, possibly East Germany)

Affiliation: Cobra

The Baroness serves as the Cobra's intelligence officer and lieutenant to Cobra Commander. She is a dark, sensual femme fatale whose beauty is matched only by her ruthlessness. She is the child of a pair of wealthy European aristocrats who made sure their daughter got what she wanted. Somehow along the way as she grew up, she joined a group of student radicals then moving on to extremists and, finally, into the ranks of Cobra.

Along with the Commander and Destro, she is part of the ruling Cobra Triumvirate. She is privy to the secrets of both men, especially Destro with whom she shows a special interest. Her loyalty is divided to both men and would not hesitate to play them against each other.

Movie Edit

Hr gi joe baroness

Alias: Ana Lewis, Anastasia DeCobray (False alias)

Abilities: Intelligence officier

Played by: Sienna Miller

Appearances: Rise of Cobra

Affiliation: Cobra (Later possibly GI Joe)

In the film, the Baroness was originally Anna Lewis, Duke's fiancée whom he left out of guilt for the presumed death of her brother Rex. However, she is kidnapped by Rex who uses the perfected nanomites on her, becoming a member of Cobra as a result, her hair color was changed from natural blonde to raven black. She marries the Baron Daniel DeCobray, assuming the name of Anastasia DeCobray, so Cobra can make use of his research to weaponize the nanomite warheads she acquired. But after capturing Duke and bringing him to Cobra's Arctic base, Anna overcomes her programing and saves Duke, helping him bring Cobra Commander and Destro to justice. However, Anna is detained until the nanomites can be safely removed from her body and then she and Duke share a kiss.

Combat Heroes Edit

Baroness currently has appeared in the Combat Heroes line three times and was expected to appear another time:

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