General BioEdit

Alias: Ares

Designation: God

Powers: Possesses the typical powers of an Olympian, including superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes, and virtual immortality, though some of his powers are substantially greater than most other Olympians

Team: The Avengers

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Thor #129

The son of Zeus and Hera, Ares was worshiped as the god of war in ancient Greece and Rome. Ares' dissatisfaction with Zeus' rule of Olympus began after Zeus' decree that worship of the Olympians should be allowed to die out. Three times he attempted to conquer Olympus, twice in league with his uncle Hades, god of the Olympian underworld, but each time he has been thwarted through the efforts of his half-brother, Hercules, and Hercules' allies. Ares has hated Hercules ever since he had killed Ares' monstrous Stymphalian birds in the days of ancient Greece. To make sure that his son have a mortal upbringing, Ares returned to his life as a construction worker in Dover, New Jersey where he worked during the enactment of the Superhuman Registration Act. Following the Super Hero Civil War, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man recruited him for their Mighty Avengers team.

Superhero Squad Edit

Ares currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line one time:

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