General Bio Edit

Universe: Generation One

Transforms into: Car

Faction: Autobots

Voiced by: Susan Blu

Appearances: Transformers the Cartoon

During the assault on Autobot City, Arcee was instrumental in helping Springer transform Autobot City to repel the Decepticon invaders, buying precious time for reinforcements and likely saving many lives. She was among the few Autobots to survive Megatron's savage blitz on the city, and was nearly left behind when Galvatron forced the Autobots to evacuate. Arcee survived the attack, and the crash landing on the planet Junk, all the while going to great lengths in order to protect and care for young Daniel Witwicky, a human friend of Hot Rod's who had wound up on the shuttle with her. Throughout the entire battle with Unicron, Daniel's safety was Arcee's top priority. The almost maternal connection between Daniel and Arcee was a powerful one, which was only strengthened some time later when they became binary bonded as Headmaster partners during an adventure on the planet Nebulos.

Robot Heroes Edit

Arcee has currently appeared in the Robot Heroes line one time:

Images Edit


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