General BioEdit

File Name: Albert M. Pine

Specialties: Mountain trooper; Finance clerk

Birthplace: Minidoka, Ohio

Grade/Rank: Corporal (E-4)

Affiliation: GI Joe

Alpine thrives on challenges. Every obstacle presents itself as a barrier he must overcome. In the flat Snake River Plain where he grew up, the mountains surrounding the area represented such barriers. Barriers that made him feel trapped. To this end, he took up mountain climbing whenever he can, even if it has to be recreational. When that wasn't enough, he joined the army, graduated from Fort Benning's Ranger School and ended up with the G.I. Joe Team. Now, he has one of the toughest assignments. Climbing up towards enemy positions while getting shot at. He's also an excellent accountant.

Combat Heroes Edit

Alpine didn't make an appearance in the Combat Heroes line, but he was rumored to:

  • Alpine was rumored to appear in the Alpine Snow Job 2-Pack, but it was only rumored and was cancelled after the previous wave of Combat Heroes was cancelled

Images Edit

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